Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are widely used as a means of transferring value and making transactions without the need for an authoritative and central intermediary.
Bitcoin has many advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below​​​​​​​

.We are looking for a cryptocurrency that can maintain the advantages of Bitcoin and eliminate its disadvantages

?Why do we choose Darik

:Advantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptographic digital currency in the world, which allows transactions to be done quickly, cheaply, and without intermediaries, and in the digital world, the presentation of this cryptocurrency is considered a fundamental and necessary development. The advantages of Bitcoin can be summarized as transparency in transactions, elimination of bank fees, availability and power of liquidity, decentralization, anonymity and privacy

:Disadvantages of Bitcoin​​​​​​​

As we know, the first is not always and only the best, and in the following we will mention the disadvantages of Bitcoin. Among the disadvantages of Bitcoin, we can mention the high consumption of energy to extract it and the negative effects on the environment, as well as the lack of certain support, in addition to The aforementioned irreversibility and the risk of losing the entire capital are also part of the disadvantages of Bitcoin, and cyber attacks also have a negative impact on the use of this currency for users​​​​​​​

Darik's idea​​​​​​​

The idea was initially formed in 2021 with the aim of solving two important problems of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has high energy consumption for its extraction and negative effects on the environment. It is also facing the problem of not having a definite support.

Darik is a currency with a fixed number of 21 million numbers, and according to the process of its supply, it cannot be frozen. It is permanent in the same fixed number​​​​​​​

Fixed number of supply​​​​​​​

Darik different from other cryptocurrencies, it has support, and natural and legal persons can pledge their shares in exchange for receiving it


Tradable in all kinds of exchanges​​​​​​​

Darik can be traded in all types of exchanges where it is listed or will be listed in the future, and these transactions take place in complete security

Features of Drake

Maintaining lack of concentration​​​​​​​

The most important problem for designing a cryptocurrency that has the advantages of Bitcoin and eliminates its disadvantages was maintaining decentralization, which was solved by providing practical solutions to this problem.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Support and ownership​​​​​​​

According to Darik's white paper, any person can put his shares as a support in Darik and receive the equivalent value of Darik. Therefore, the condition of extraction or release and entering the market is collateral for the purpose of support
In this way, Bitcoin is decentralized and does not have a specific owner. Its owner is the one who backs up his shares or buys a share from the centralized or decentralized market, and it is backed up and there is no need to extract it, and as a result, it does not harm the environment.
In addition to these, it has defined a new function and market for the shareholders of the companies that they can convert their shares into and sell them in the cryptocurrency market.

​Darik's function

Another disadvantage of Bitcoin is its use in illegal activities, because Bitcoin provides conditions for anonymous transactions and some people may use it in illegal activities such as money laundering, buying prohibited substances, etc. to use This has made Bitcoin more associated with notorious financiers and affected its public image.
The most important function of a Darik is to use it in the delivery system of goods at the destination, so that traders and merchants do not have to worry about the risk of Darik price fluctuations (Bitcoin has a lot of price fluctuation), and the traded goods are legal and authorized

Development plan of Darik​​​​​​​

The proprietary blockchain has been under development for 14 months with the aim of maintaining the advantages of existing blockchains in the world and eliminating their disadvantages

Darik's contract address​​​​​​​

Download the white paper

Darik price outlook​​​​​​​

The price objective is to synchronize and match with the price of Bitcoin.
Due to the fact that until the stock is backed up, Darik will not be available to anyone (according to the white paper) and in case of backing, in addition to being clear on the blockchain network, the information will also be clear.
It is expected that within the next three years, the price of Darik will be the same as bitcoin, and each Darik will be equal to one bitcoin​​​​​​​

Transparency and honesty are the top priorities of Darik's team.
It leaves the conclusion and judgment to the audience​​​​​​​

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